Djinn do nuthin! Malaysia school shuts after ‘mass hysteria’ outbreak

A school in northern Malaysia has had to shut temporarily to handle what local media have called a case of “mass hysteria”.

It started last week with several students and teachers of the school in the city of Kota Bharu claiming that they had seen spirits or had supernatural experiences.

School authorities shut the school and called in Islamic traditional experts, scholars and even witch doctors in prayer sessions and “exorcisms”.

  • Retarded gullible students, in a retarded unscientific educational system, from a retarded culture, propagating retarded beliefs.

  • andycanuck

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    • Minicapt

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  • Clink9

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  • simus1

    A combination of Zionist trained djinns corrupting imams or sheiks into sexually assaulting students and local authorities embezzling most of the large sums of money sent by the central government to hire really “top rated spirit controlling wise tribal elders” is usually the “true” explanation.

  • G

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