Waking up from the ‘American Dream’

Our Kids - Book review“…Here, as described by Joel Kotkin in his 2014 book The New Class Conflict, this affluent class often pays lip service to liberal social trends while privately embracing classic Ozzy & Harriet parenting. Aware of the competitive marketplace and social upheaval awaiting their kids, they go one step further than the laissez-faire parenting of a generation or two previous and actively engage with their children, scheduling their extracurricular lives with zeal and involving themselves as volunteers in their schools – the dread “helicopter parent” in full flight.”

  • Dana Garcia

    Robert Putnam is an interesting guy, a liberal sociologist whose research found that “diversity decreases trust.” He tried to rejigger his findings, but finally had to admit what they showed.


    • The truth is often shocking to liberals.

      • David Smith

        Liberalism: ideas so good there mandatory.

        • Clausewitz


  • David Smith

    “There’s also the possibility that the postwar boom, the golden age from which the Port Clinton High Class of ’59 emerged, was a historical, social and economic one-off, unlikely to be duplicated in our lifetimes, and therefore a misleading standard by which to measure the present or future. It’s the softly lit, cloud-obscured plateau upon which the American Dream evoked in the title of Putnam’s book finally flourished, and like most dreams,

    it’s one from which a rude awakening was both inevitable and, perhaps, required.”

    Not inevitable and certainly not required. The frankfurt school succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.