Toronto Star accuses Postmedia of “anti-Muslim bias” with “lethal” effects

The Star dragged out their mothballed Islamist apologist in residence Haroon Siddiqui to bad mouth Postmedia.

  • Martin B

    Canada’s news media are contributing to mistrust of Muslims, says Haroooon.

    I’m thinking Muslims contribute generously to mistrust of Muslims.

    Let’s hope Haroooon helps Torstar Corp along to another huge loss.

  • mauser 98

    or just spreading fertilizer before next President is elected

  • Alain

    Sane people who tend to value their life, in fact life in general, cannot be pro-Muslim, so being against those seeking your death and destruction is normal.

  • ontario john

    This is the same Haroooooooooon who wrote that the muslims who escaped torture and persecution for not wanting to be a part of that death cult anymore, are islamophobic for speaking about it. I’m sure Trudeau will be appointing him to the senate soon.

  • ProWestern

    Is he kidding? The Sun used to be quite critical of Islam, but became rather PC after Postmedia took over the paper (they, for example, denounced Pamela Geller after the Garland attack).

  • Shebel

    so-when Muslims go Lethal ( an everyday occurrence) —-
    It a result of Post media being ‘Truthful’,
    For a change.

  • ontario john

    So according to the Star and Harooooon, a screening process should be set up at all news outlets to weed out anything negative about islam. So in other words, they don’t want a free press. Just more proof that leftists and muslims are fascists

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Won’t it be grand when the Star and Crescent goes down the crapper of history?