The British connection: Jihadi chain traces European terror back to 9/11

Investigations into an international jihadist chain behind the terrorist attacks in Belgium and France are also looking into past British connections to al-Qaeda plots paving the way for the 9/11 attacks, The Independent has learned.

Five people, four men and a woman, were arrested last week in Birmingham and at Gatwick airport in connection with the terror attacks in Belgium and France – their identities have not been released. This followed reports that two of the terrorists involved in the massacres had been in England in the last year and photographs of sites they had visited had been found on their mobile telephones.

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    Big Helmet . Big Glasses . Big Gun. Big Scope.

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    The story so far …

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      After I put it up the picture I was reminded of a story from my uncle the former British Bobby: During the 60s there was a fashion to wear pointy shoes (Winklepicker boots). One of my uncle’s mates, a fellow Bobby, pulled up some likely lad on the street wearing these shoes and enquired “Do your feet go right to the end of those shoes?”. The lad looked at the policeman “Does you head go right to the top of that helmet?”. My uncle’s mate thought that was hilarious.