North Korea on Trump: His comments are ‘totally absurd and illogical’

The rise of Donald Trump has generated remarkable global interest in the U.S. presidential campaign — and even the North Koreans are commenting on the proposals of the business mogul.

During an interview with CNN, a Pyongyang-based official said comments made by Trump about nuclear proliferation were “totally absurd and illogical.”

You really can’t ask for a better endorsement than North Korea calling you “crazy”.

  • Millie_Woods

    Important endorsement for Trump.

  • Another good reason to vote for Trump.

  • Reader
  • Norman_In_New_York

    Anything that this scumbag says is bad, has to be by definition good.

  • Hard Little Machine

    How many democrats would rather live in the DPRK if they could? A third? Half?

    • They are welcome to go there.

      After finding out that they have no cell phone coverage, their minds will change.

  • … says the guys who kills his own relatives.

  • Minicapt

    Just wait a bit; next they’ll endorse Gov Kasich.


  • All I can say is this election is great fun. We got the Pope weighing in, we got Little Ding Dong weighing in. What’s next? I’m still waiting for to see who Charles Manson endorses (or opposes). And I wonder who the ghost of Elvis would vote for…

  • Clausewitz