Judge offers to pay teenager’s court fine as he refuses to jail her for stabbing paedophile who abused her as a child

‘A judge offered to pay a teenage girl’s court fine as he refused to jail her for stabbing the paedophile who abused her as a child.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told the 15-year-old it would be a ‘disgrace’ to send her to prison, despite the fact she had attacked the man, 56, in his own home, stabbing him close to his heart.

And he refused to impose a mandatory victim surcharge on the girl when she appeared at Bradford Crown Court, after hearing that the paedophile had destroyed her life, adding: ‘If anyone tries to force you, I will pay it myself.’

…He had sexually assaulted her when she was just eight years old, but was spared jail and was instead given a community order.

After the trial, the man had harassed and bullied the girl, the court heard…

My instinct is to assume that most people’s reaction would be “finally, a sane judge”, but on reflection I wonder if the woman-haters will pile on and ask why violence against male kiddie-rapists is okay.