Islam: Not conforming to liberal expectations

“…Central to the liberal narrative is the thesis that if you are understanding enough, tolerant enough, embracing enough and do enough ‘celebrating’ of everyone’s differences, eventually people will all come round to being like liberals: gushy, blindly optimistic utopians with a misguided though perhaps well-intentioned set of motives.

This is – at best – a strategy for failure; at worst a cynical ploy providing cover to well-meaning fools to execute a policy of betrayal against their own civilization. To put it in Classical terms, liberals are not only throwing open the gates of Troy; they themselves built the horse and are wheeling it in.

One may understand those Muslims who moved to the west since WWII. Since the ramparts were down, they came in. Why wouldn’t they? In their place, I know I would – it is normal and understandable to want a better life.

But the fact remains that had they successfully built and maintained desirable societies – societies in which you don’t get chopped up for having a wrong opinion, for example – many would have had no impetus to come.

I do not believe that there is any intention to help Islamic communities solve their problems in Europe; rather that they are being used cynically by those who control policy to achieve the cultural balkanisation of European peoples. But if the liberals were serious about helping Islamic cultures in the west, the way to do that is not do defer to them, but to stand firm in the principles of those thinkers who made European civilizations attractive in the first place.”