Iraq: Gay thrown from roof in accordance with Islamic sharia law

These shocking pictures claim to show an ISIS prisoner being thrown to his death from a roof after being accused of engaging in sodomy in Iraq.

Gay thrown from roof

  • huron

    not to be light but …sorry but was it because he would not aahemmm them?

    • Who knows? I mean Mo was a cross dresser after all.

  • What’s all the fuss? It’s only a traditional religious ritual, no? Kinda like taking the family to Mass every Sunday.

    • Minicapt

      I understand it is supposed to be the traditional ‘after prayers’ Friday ceremony.


  • huron

    going to mass is much different

  • huron

    who will slap the saudes I hope it is not putin

  • This has nothing to do with cakes or cake hoaxes.

  • Shebel

    The homos appear to support this— and it doesn’t upset me much—
    S0—-everybody is happy.
    Except the guy that doesn’t have any wings.

    • huron

      I am not a fan of gay culture but what colour is your hair this may be the next reason for the roof dive

  • jack burns

    What’s the difference between a straight muslim and a gay one? Two beers.

    • huron


  • Shebel

    What is the difference between a Moderate Muslim a Radical Muslim ?

  • mauser 98

    Bono , George Clooney , Rachel Madcow , CBC … crickets

  • Blacksmith

    I notice his hands were free, too bad he couldn’t have grabbed onto a couple of the pisslamist and taken them with him.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Both of these groups are worshiped by progressives at the same time.