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FBI Changes Anti-Terrorism Site Because It Offended Muslims

Eleven-Year-Olds Dancing With Oversized Donald Trump Heads Is Now Offensive.

EU Terror Chief: Put Terrorists In Rehab Instead Of Prison

White Privilege Conference Attendees Complain Conference Is Too White

55-Year-old Imam Arrested for Molesting a 9-Year-old Girl During Qur’an Studies

New App Helps Illegal Aliens Access U.S. College Scholarships

3 Latest Indicators The Left Wants To Kill The First Amendment

Kasich goes FULL Liberal

‘Zoolander 2’ screening canceled because movie mocks ‘marginalized identities’

$1,000 Gun Tax Pushed as “Role Model” for States

Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’

After Muslim terror attacks, DOJ launches Combating Islamophobia effort

Campus Activists Occupy NYU Elevator Over Divestment Issue

Senate Moves to Outlaw Encryption

Obama’s Guest’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off At The White House #Perf

  • canminuteman

    I’m pretty sure that putting a 1000 dollar tax on a gun purchase violates that whole “shall not be infringed” thing.

    • G

      But of course it will be up to a judge to decide that……and the judge – (SURPRISE) will rule that it’s ok.
      Judicial decisions at the highest levels have become so predictable there’s really no point in arguing the cases any more.

      3D printers in basements, garage machine shops and kitchen made powder will do more to protect the right to bear arms than any predictable stand by some law school scumbag.

  • ontario john

    Praise Allah! Canada’s favorite terrorist Omar Khadr is getting married. Yes, he is marrying a human rights activist. No word on whether Great Leader Trudeau will be best man, or whether the wedding will be in the Parliament buildings.

    • “Human rights activist”? That means she’s marrying the guy to make a political statement — wrong reason to take marriage vows. Not to mention that Khadr leaves a widow and orphans in his wake. Has he ever attempted to pay restitution to the family? I doubt it.

    • Lucky girl!

  • Jim Horne

    Related: Proposed Liberal Amendments to the Firearms Act – Bill S-223.

    “The key provisions include the reclassification of all firearms, except “hunting firearms” as “circumscribed firearms.”

    Firearms in this new category – close to half of all firearms in the country – could not be stored in private homes. They would have to be kept locked up in government-approved vaults at authorized gun clubs or even police stations.

    And they could only be removed from these facilities by licensed “transporters.” No word yet whether individual owners could get license to transport their own guns.” Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun

    Could this be the beginning of a Canadian firearm confiscation program?

    • Why are the Liberals hyper-paranoid about law-abiding citizens owning firearms? I think it’s obvious why: because they know that Justin is ushering in a dictatorial Socialist regime, and they want to pre-empt the possibly that the citizenry will be able to overthrow the dictatorial regime with an armed insurrection. Armed insurrection against a dictator is legal under our constitution going as far back as the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, etc.

      Historian Dr. John Robson can better explain these things than I can. He’s supposedly a contributor to Rebel Media and working on a documentary about the Magna Carta, but we never hear from the guy. If “knowledge is power” it would be nice for the Canadian public to get insight on these things. The American public has tons of scholars engaged in Constitutional rights — Canada only seems to have one (1) scholar who is willing to publicly engage, who we apparently keep locked in a vault somewhere.

    • Thanks will post a link.

  • simus1

    “Combating islamophobia” is the usual marxist claptrap.

    To the twisted leftist, anyone on the right speaking the truth about islam has evil motive because they are supposedly trying to foment racism.

    To the twisted leftist, anyone on their side suppressing the truth about islam has wonderful motive because they are promoting “anti racism”.

    To call it marxism is perhaps being too kind.
    More like sociology being practiced at a grade two level.

  • G

    But of course it will be up to a judge to decide that……and the judge – (SURPRISE) will rule that it’s ok.

    3D printers in basements and garage machine shops will do more to protect the right to bear arms than any predictable stand by some law school scumbag.

    • G

      My comment was a reply to Canminuteman above