Canada finally waking up to EMP attack threat

Our government is finally starting to discuss how Canada — and the United States — remains vulnerable to major attacks to our critical infrastructure that could devastate our way of life.

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s real. If an electromagnetic pulse attack hit North America, it could take out our electronics for many months, killing millions of people through societal breakdown.

You’d think something of this severity would be discussed more. However we’re now making progress.

  • Dana Garcia

    The grid can be fried by a massive solar flare also, so peace breaking out (heh) wouldn’t solve the problem.

    • And that is every bit as possible a scenario.

      • Dana Garcia

        A flare similar to the 1859 one would be disastrous.

        On the morning of September 2, the magnetic mayhem resulting from the second storm created even more chaos for telegraph operators. When American Telegraph Company employees arrived at their Boston office at 8 a.m., they discovered it was impossible to transmit or receive dispatches. The atmosphere was so charged, however, that operators made an incredible discovery: They could unplug their batteries and still transmit messages to Portland, Maine, at 30- to 90-second intervals using only the auroral current.

  • CodexCoder

    The more realistic scenario is dropping a few key grid towers across Ontario and shorting the lines to ground. It would take less effort, the components required are more readily available, and the information required to set it up less strenuous to acquire.

    Building an EMP is not very easy because most people don’t have the knowledge base even with the internet.

    • Maggat

      I sure, if you ask, Trudeau will tell you the he has that knowledge, as well as the theories of quantum computing down pat.

  • Alain

    Butt’s “green energy” will surely save us all from this.

  • Jaedo Drax

    As usual, the government is looking at the wrong problem, in the wrong way, employing many consultants to do so.

  • V10_Rob

    I wonder if it wouldn’t be a blessing in disguise. A lot of people, particularly college asshat types, could stand to experience REAL problems for a change, instead of their imagined ones.

  • Good.

    If anyone had to live as one would in the eighteenth century for even an hour, one would curl up and die.

    Imagine living like that for months or decades.