UK Labour, the Church, and cancerous anti-Semitism

Great Britain is in a mind-boggling mess over anti-Semitism. This, of course, is related to bigotry against Israel. Can the dilemmas be resolved, or will the cancer continue to metastasize?

At last voices of sanity, whether genuinely sincere or uttered for political reasons are being heard in Britain. They may not be voices of turtledoves, but they address in sharp tones the problem of antisemitism in the British Labour Party.

The virus in Britain, the cancer of antisemitism, not only exists in the Labour Party but is metastasizing.

Once again the Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and members of the British Labour Party have been reluctant to deal with the problem. The leader, himself not antsemitic, and who has called antisemitism absolutely abhorrent, was asked by the Prime Minister David Cameron to expel a troublesome individual, Gerry Downing, from the Party but Corbyn refused to respond.

  • Shebel

    Why don’t you use the words ‘Anti Semitic’ – one more time —-
    This way you will gain the Respect of ALL the “Islamophopic ” assholes.

  • marty_p

    The classic depiction of British Anti-Semitism is the scene in the Movie Exodus where Paul Newman asks the British officer to check his eye for a cinder after the pompous asshole British officer brags. how he can spot a Jew anywhere