Muhammad yelled he was disgusted by his 73 year old gay robbery victim….

Muhammad has a past.

Muhammad was sentenced in 2009 to repeatedly raping a young Swedish man he broke down mentally and even subjected to blackmail.

  • ontario john

    Just another day in islam.

  • Alain

    Being an article in Swedish I was unable to read it, but in light of the crimes committed by Muhammad it is ridiculous to hide his face in the two photos.

  • ntt1

    But this is exactly what the Swedes voted for,

    • Alain

      I used to think the same about any country in the West with a treasonous government, but being much more aware of all the corruption and fraud that I have since seen in elections, I am no longer certain it is accurate. The best examples are Obama for two terms and us with the man-child and his puppeteers.

      • ntt1

        perhaps the answer is that we have globalist governments that no longer fulfill the original duties of governance. they are by definition treasonous.

  • jack burns

    Sweet tea and young boys, the Wahhabi way.