Merkel warned by Helmut Kohl: Europe cannot be home to migrants whose beliefs are different to ‘the foundations of our values’

Kohl, who was German leader for 16 years and oversaw the country’s reunification, took a swipe at the woman he chose as his successor after remaining silent on the issue since the crisis began.

He commented in a newspaper at the weekend: ‘Europe cannot become a new home for the millions of people in need throughout the world.

‘National policies of the lone-knight variety must be left in the past.

‘For the most part they have a belief which is different from the Judeo-Christian beliefs which form part of the foundations of our social order and our values.’

  • simus1

    “millions of people in need”.
    If Kohl actually said that he is just another spineless POS.

    • Alain

      Agreed. Also remaining silent for far too long on the issue is another example of having no spine.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I dunno.
        A former leader is to largely keep quiet unless there are extraordinary circumstances that require them to weigh in.

  • bob e

    he is not exactly a stranger to imported Turkish labor is he now ..
    as me dad uased ta’ say :
    “he’s up to his lips in shhyyte”