Justin Trudeau on quantum computing: It turns out…

From Daily Caller:

The international media fawned over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his supposedly intelligent remarks at a press conference Friday about quantum computing, which according to many outlets, makes him more than “just a pretty face.”

But in reality, Trudeau seeded the question in advance and then gave nothing more than a grade-school answer to reporters, based on material he had just learned during a tour of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, according to political commentator J. J. McCullough. At Friday’s tour, he spoke with scientists and then proceeded to give a short speech on government funding for science.More.

Reality check: Of course. But it works. Because legacy media need to market Trudeau as a smart guy, there is no chance the public would find this out apart from independent media. He is the perfect marketing tool for things like euthanasia.

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