Germany’s AfD takes overt anti-Islam stance

A far-Right political party which inflicted damaging losses on Angela Merkel in German regional elections is reportedly to rebrand itself as openly anti-Muslim.

A powerful faction within Alternative for Germany (AfD) want to put overt opposition to Islam at the heart of the party’s programme, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper.

The move follows reports the party wants to ban minarets, the call to prayer, and male circumcision, and would put the party on a collision course with Germany’s estimated four million Muslims.

“Islam is a political ideology that is incompatible with the German constitution,” Beatrix von Storch, one of the party’s deputy leaders and an MEP, told the newspaper.

  • Doug Kursk

    Oh, I’m liking this!! Where do I sign up?

    • Heh;)

    • john700

      They wanna ban male circumcision?! Naaaaziiiiis!

      • That idea (banning circumcision), as a Jew, I do not like at all.

        • Sam Jingleberry

          You’re responsible for the cultural marxism.

        • john700

          You have to admit that this is a step forward for the Germans.

        • Miss Trixie

          I wonder if there was a typo and it was supposed to say
          “…the call to prayer, and fe-male circumcision”?

        • orthotox

          And as a human(e) being?

    • It is long overdue to state the obvious.

      Islamic “theology” is not compatible with Western democratic values.

  • Clinton

    I would imagine that Germany’s Jewish population would have
    something to say about a proposed ban on male circumcision.

    Germany’s Jewish population is still small– less than 1% of the
    overall population, and about 7 or 8 times smaller than that of
    muslims. Still, they are well-educated, affluent, assimilated and
    generally politically active– certainly more so than the German
    muslims. German Jews are also keenly aware of the anti-Semitism
    endemic in the muslim population. In short, German Jews could
    be valuable allies for AfD, but not if that party insists on banning
    male circumcision.

    • David Smith

      I’m pretty sure the Jews in germany would have no problem finding a workaround for that.

    • Good point. That is a silly idea by AfD which will cause them to lose credibility. There is no question of banning circumcision, what must be banned is Islam and all who adhere to this death cult. Circumcision is not the issue.

      • Clinton

        Agreed. Why lend one’s support to a party if it demonstrates
        such political clumsiness? AfD needs to be smarter about

        • Just a guy

          There are many people who think that mutilating the genitals of children without their consent isn’t ok just because they’re male. Probably a bit more than 1% of the population.

    • ATruePatriotTrump2016

      The German Jews also run their media so that would be bad to put pressure on them.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Can you name the Jews who run the German media? Inquiring minds need to know.

      • Have you considered the comments at Takimag? You’ll find soulmates over there.

  • pdxnag

    It is inescapable to conclude that elementary Islam mandates violent and pre-violent sedition from its followers against non-Muslim governments. Any individual Muslim can shed their seditious imperative by shedding their loyalty to Mohammad and Allah. It is a free choice, not an immutable characteristic. One need not be anti-Muslim when they are anti-Islam, anti-Islamic imperialist sedition.

  • All Muslims must be deported from Germany and all of Europe and all Western countries a.s.a.p. and never allowed to return. Only thus can Westerners ever hope to live in peace, security, freedom and prosperity again.

    • John

      Overall Muslims are just too feral to live in a civilized society. Islamic theology, unlike that of Judaism and Christianity, doesn’t provide the basic moral building blocks on which to construct a civil polity. Islam doesn’t ‘house train’, its adherents, as it were.

      That’s why there simply aren’t any democracies in the Muslim world

      • Yes, that’s empirical evidence, showing that Islam is incompatible with democracy.

    • Sam Jingleberry

      Yup. Deport the jews too while we are at it to make sure it the cultural marxism brainwashing and usury doesn’t happen again.

      • Jews are not randomly shooting people in cafes and airports, or raping women and children, etc., as the Muslims are. So what’s your antisemitism about exactly, other than irrational hatred? Are Jews the only cultural Marxists around, or even the majority of them, do you think? And what are you?

  • Alain

    They report being anti-Muslim as being a bad thing. The leftist idea that everyone must be nice and play nice with each other is completely removed from reality, for a good portion of the players want you either dead or totally subservient to them, nice is not even in the building much less the room.

  • John

    Makes sense except for the ban on circumcision.

    • pettifog

      I’m wondering whether that’s a misprint? Should be female circumcision?

      • Actually, in the Telegraph article it says clearly: “Calls from within the party to ban male circumcision have also raised alarm in Germany’s Jewish community.” So there is such a call. But maybe that’s just voices within the party, which won’t necessarily gain the upper hand. To turn Jews against the party would be stupid.

    • Jenkins

      What exactly is so wrong with banning parents from having the foreskin of their sons penises removed?

      I dont believe anyone who frequents BCF would support female genital mutilation so why support male genital mutilation?

      • It is not the same. If I understand correctly, FGM is actual cutting off of the female clitoris, which presumably scares Muslim men. Whereas male circumcision is merely cutting off of the foreskin of the male sex organ. That is thought by many to be very beneficial hygienically, and they may be right. But from the Jewish point of view the purpose is that this is a Biblical “covenant” between Jews and God, and we Jews attach great importance to it – we would never live in a place that forbids it. One interpretation of this covenant is that Jews promise thereby to control their sexual lust. In any case, it is no big deal like FGM – no organ is cut off.

        • valar84

          There are many kinds of FGM, some just remove parts of the labia and clitoral hood (and not the clitoris itself), which makes it biologically similar to male circumcision. It would be incoherent to ban that form of FGM while allowing infant male circumcision.

          Infant male circumcision for religious reasons should be banned. It is a violation of a child’s body’s integrity and of their freedom of religion (what if the boy rejects his parents’ religion?). If one really wants circumcision as a proof of their faith, they can have it done to their own body when they are old enough to know what it is and what it means. Circumcising baby boys is a barbaric practice.

          • You don’t understand religion. It is not an adult choice. It is something that is passed on from generation to generation from birth to death. Who are you, who have no faith, to tell me what I can or cannot teach my child – so long as that teaching, of course, is moral. In this case, the teaching is about sexual restraint. There’s no barbaric practice in Jewish male circumcision – if someone does not like it they are not forced to do it. But if they are Jewish and do not do it they will not be considered real Jews.

            My fight with Islam is not about FGM per se. If, as you claim, some forms of it are superficial, like male circumcision, I see no harm in that. However, actual cutting of the clitoris, or even the labia, would certainly be inhumane and certainly illegal. The motive here seems, as already mentioned, Muslim male fear of female clitoris.

            My fight with Islam is about murder and mayhem by Muslims on a grand scale and their fantasies of world domination. This is what must be focused on. It must not be an occasion for anti-Semites to vent their hatred of Jews. This would only dilute and confuse the defense against the Muslim onslaught. Think about it and show wisdom.

          • valar84

            Parents have the right to teach their kids into their religion. However, parents do not OWN their children, they are stewards, not owners. Teach your kid to be a Jew as much as you want, but you don’t get to inflict YOUR beliefs onto his flesh without his consent. If you want to be circumcised, I have no objection, if you want to circumcise someone else without his consent, then I find that barbaric.

          • I agree that, really, parents are stewards, not owners. However, there’s nothing barbaric about Jewish circumcision – or medical circumcision of babies for that matter. It is just a very minor cut – I’ve seen it many times done. Calling that barbaric is looking for a feeble excuse to hate Jews and try to find ways harm them. The thing is – look at the effects: are Jews more civilized or less by that means? The covenant is a reminder cut into the flesh of sexual restraint – not to masturbate, not to be homosexual, not to freak out sexually. It works well in most cases, or did till more recent times when the whole world is going mad.

            As for inflicting beliefs in kids – if they are not taught from the cradle on, when they are adult it will be too late for them to learn (in most cases). You cannot let the child do as he pleases for the first 20 years of his life, just waiting for him to grow up and decide for himself when he is adult. That is surely a formula for failure in education. The child will just spend 20 years freaking out, as today’s children are doing. Circumcision is a minor mutilation, like going to the doctor for a minor cut. No big deal.

          • valar84

            The foreskin contains an excessively high amount of nerve endings and is very sensitive. I don’t know what criteria you use to call any mutilation “minor”, except that it’s one very convenient to you. If removing the foreskin is acceptable then so should removing the tip of the nose or the ears. Even tattooing a child is considered child abuse in most Western countries and illegal, and a tattoo is nowhere near as bad as removing healthy body parts without medical reason.

            I don’t know what’s so hard about this: your body, your choice, his body, his choice. If one consents to circumcision for oneself, I have no issue, but mutilating a baby boy who cannot understand what is being done to him and why is barbaric. I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Muslim or an American Christian, barbaric is barbaric no matter who does it.

          • See my other posts. As I said before, you do not understand religion, in particular the Jewish one. Circumcision is THE fundamental rite of Jewish tribal-belonging and ethical-commitment for thousands of years. This is far more important than your opinion of what’s barbaric. Who are you? What is your moral status? Who were your forebears, and when did they start becoming civilized? What are your and their behavior patterns? Etc. Nothing you say or do will change Judaism. You will only succeed, if the likes of you succeed, in alienating Jews from you – this is not to your advantage, believe me. Then you will see what barbaric means. Your perceptions in this matter can only be motivated by Jew-hatred. They have no medical value even, since doctors all over America are doing baby circumcisions daily – very often just for health reasons. Please – cut it out.

          • valar84

            Again, I’ve no issue to someone doing it to their own body. But doing it to a non-consenting child is barbaric, it is a violation of another person’s body integrity. You cannot make a rational argument for the practice, instead, you minimize the procedure while at the same time claiming it is extremely important.

            What is most important in a society is the protection of the weakest of its members, young baby boys should be free from the threat of genital mutilation done without their consent and without medical reason. Religion is no excuse. Again, if you respect your children, you will let them decide when they are old enough to do so. Doing it to them when they are babies is pure hubris, arrogance and even negation of their own personhood. Their body, their choice. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • valar84 – whoever you are behind this fake identity. You are living in your own subjective imaginary world, which has nothing to do with the world of Jews.

            I have never, ever met a Jew who resented his parents for circumcising him! I suppose there might conceivably be a few such persons, but I have never met one nor heard of one. Do you understand the implication of this simple fact?

            You posture as defender of the weak, against genital mutilation of babies without their consent. Circumcision is not “genital mutilation” – it is removal of foreskin, a very benign and minor operation. As I already pointed out, doctors – medical professionals across the world do it daily, and do not consider it, like you do, as “barbaric.”

            You are clearly inventing an issue to give yourself the possibility of venting your hatred of Jews. You must have some complex of inferiority towards Jews, in my opinion, and seek some pretext against them.

            There are nowadays some people like you coming out of the woodwork, trying to find ways to persecute or destroy the Jewish people. You are not alone – that is why I discuss this with you. It is part of the spirit of the times – the dark ages we are falling into.

            So I tell you – Jews are sources of light and peace in the world. Push them away (if you manage to) and you will fall into really barbaric experiences. Enjoy!

        • Jenkins

          From a non jewish point of view “merely cutting off the foreskin” is still mutilation and I personally would support the ban of the practice at least on children. If an adult jewish man or any man for that matter wishes to be circumcised I wouldn’t see how thats any of the states business.

          • See my comment just above yours. Again, I tell you that banning Jewish circumcision is like banning Jews. There is not Jews without circumcision. If you want to live in a society without Jews, go ahead. We will find more intelligent and good people to live with. You will find yourself in a barbaric society without us. Go ahead – see if you can teach us about morality and humanity. Fool.

          • Jenkins

            Well I was trying to be polite but you had to take a page out of leftist hand book and brand those who disagree with you as a bigot of some sort, so I will put it plainly. There is nothing moral about chopping the ends of your son’s dicks off because your god is just as imaginary and the one muslims are blowing people up for. You do not own your children. You do not have the right to mutilate them in any way for any reason. It is barbaric and you are an asshole.

          • You do not own my children. It is because the society and state have been trying to take over education that today’s generation has gone haywire. If you follow BCF you will know what I mean by that. I called you a fool – you are.

          • disqusW6sf

            There are more adverse reactions in getting circumcised as an adult male. It is safer as an infant and there are health benefits. I’ll supply the link later as I am using my iPhone.

        • orthotox

          You’re still imposing a lasting scarring act on someone without their consent. Jews can wait till lads turn thirteen and then go ahead with the absurd butcherment. This would also obviate the obscene practices which sometime accompany the rite and which are a shame to modern Judaism.

          • Adult Jews are proud of their circumcision, a sign of sexual strength, and grateful to their parents for doing it to them. That’s why they in turn do it to their children, and they do so with great and happy celebrations, generation after generation.

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            Avi….. I noticed recently that you haven’t been on BCF lately. This is unfortunate, as your comments were generally among the best. There are idiots everywhere, and since I am Jewish I thought you might take note. Please start commenting again on BCF. Also, I was in Paris for two weeks in July. It has become an abominable shithole for many reasons over the last 25 years. I’d like to discuss this and other European trends with you.

          • Hi EG. Thanks for your kind words.

            I decided to lay off BCF comments for some time so as to get on with my writing work. Comments are a bit addictive! All the best.

            P.S. I still comment a bit, much less, on

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            Thanks, Avi. Good luck on your writing! 🙂

      • It’s not a question to be lightly dismissed. Certainly I would never support a ban on male circumcision, which I don’t see does any harm, whereas given my druthers I would absolutely ban female “circumcision” with extreme prejudice.

        However, in order to be consistent, one would have to address the nature of the female genital mutilation involved. I suppose you could argue that some minor “cutting” might, in theory, be allowable, as analogous to removal of the foreskin. Frankly I’d much prefer to avoid all this angst by not having a bunch of Muslims in civilized, Western societies. But that train has sailed.

        • Agreed. The issue here is Muslim invasion and colonization of Western countries. It is good to stay focused.

  • Ego

    “male circumcision” — wonder what their stance is on FGM, left unmentioned.

  • When one party seriously fucks up, others like this appear. Only problem is opposition will take a p**s at them all the time just because they’ll be having hard time fixing the crap left behind by former “leaders”.