EU Security Scare: Islamic State Propaganda Found on Parliament Drivers

The administrative authority of the European Parliament has expressed security concerns after the discovery of CDs containing Islamic State (IS) propaganda in the possession of two chauffeurs with its external driving service.

Several sources with knowledge of the situation told SPIEGEL that one of the discoveries had been made in Strasbourg, where the parliament holds its plenary sessions, and the other in Brussels, where most of its work is conducted. Both employees of the private chauffeur service were fired and police are investigating. (link fixed)

h/t LS

  • May the lucky EU elite finally learn what the word jihad means.

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  • tom_billesley

    The unions and human rights industry will be all over this horrendous case of employment discrimination.

  • Every Muslim is a potential jihadist. To hire Muslims in sensitive positions, however lowly, and all the more higher echelon positions, is to give them the means to eventual terrorist acts. It may be peecee, but it is certainly nutty.

    • marty_p

      I’m surprised they didn’t find “How to build a do it yourself car bomb” manual in the limo’s.