Continental Breakfast

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Donald Trump Warns RNC: Straighten up or It’s Going to be a Rough July

‘Mouth moving. Lying.’ Hillary continues her tour of brazenness

Bombing survivor to make racing return at Boston Marathon

Islamic State used human shields in Nineveh

Your Complete Guide to Hamas’ Network of Terror Tunnels

University of New Mexico students denounce official seal as racist

No Trump, No Show for 33% of GOP Voters

Ecologist Deploys Robotic Killing Machine to Terminate Feral Cats

This is ‘One of the Worst Years’ for Campus Free Speech

Voters Banned In Wyoming

Air campaign shifts to ISIL’s cash and oil

Obama Meets With Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Ludacris… On Justice Reform

Heartwarming moment elderly wombat rescued after being attacked – Mamba

Dial-a-Swede: Call up a random Swede. – Mamba

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Okay, who wants to be the first to talk to a random Swede?
    What do you say?

    Hello, is this Sweden?
    Hey, you folks really do sound like that Swedish cook on Sesame Street!
    I’m not interrupting your rape at the hands of Muslum immigrants right now, am I?
    I hate to be a bother.

  • An “elderly wombat”. Now that really caught my attention — aren’t they supposed to have wings?

  • Yo Mama

    Obama cares about justice reform because Thug Lives Matter!

  • Your breakfasts are certainly all colorful and appetizing looking!

  • ontario john

    Surprise, surprise! Syrian refugees have become a money pit for taxpayers. CBC reports this morning that Canada has spent 30 million dollars so far on airlines for refugees. And so far over 700 thousand on hotel rooms. Many of the rooms taxpayers are paying for, don’t even have refugees in them. And I was sad to see the news about a muslim refugee who threatened to go back to Syria if he didn’t get better living arrangements here. He didn’t like his apartment, but fear not, people got him a house with a yard.

  • Hard Little Machine

    E Pluribus Wombat

  • Brett_McS

    So I learn about a sick Wombat from a Canadian blog quoting a British newspaper.

    From wiki: “They are not commonly seen, but leave ample evidence of their passage, treating fences as minor inconveniences to be gone through or under, and leaving distinctive cubic faeces.” Perhaps the origin of the Australian slang “Shit a brick!”.

    • When I was in Oz I almost saw a wombat. I saw some branches rustling anyway.

      I did see herds of kangaroos. There’s no way to communicate to these igloo-pommies (must think of a better disparaging term for Canadians) how weird looking those things are when you’re actually up close to them.

      I also ate crocodile once. I am a woman of the world.