The North Koreanification of Canadian political reporting

If for even a second you believed that PM Useful Idiot actually understood Quantum Computing then you had best read this.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    When you have a subservient press at your beck and call, you can do and say anything, and it will always have a positive spin put on it.
    “He has his father’s good looks, his mother’s brains, and his brother’s grasp of common sense.”

    • I knew our media was pathetic, but this merits their being spit on in public.

      • Justin St.Denis

        We “shun” people employed by media orgs. They’re an invasive species around here. Whenever I hear, “Oh, well, I work for the CBC/CTV/GLOBAL so I know……..”, I just wander away. I’ve noticed others do to same.

    • Clink9

      And hopefully his other brother’s snowboarding skills.

  • Martin B

    So now Shiny Pony is Quantum Pony.

    By the time our media are through with him, he will be the most brilliant Canadian who ever lived.

    • Exile1981

      So what symbol is his cutie mark?

      Bonus points if you get the refetence.

      • Martin B

        A rainbow over a snowboard?

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Peter Mancrush on his knees?

    • kkruger71

      How do you think his dad does so well in all those “best Prime Minister” surveys?

  • john700

    Canada became North-Koreanized when its stupid citizens voted for the Trudeau dinasty.

    • And his kids will ruin things for our kids and grandchildren.

      Oh, great…

  • Having actually heard PM Trulander talk, no one on the planet could believe he mastered ANY science. He memorised a cue card. After how many tries?

    But let’s play it this way. Let’s ignore his many, many gaffes for a moment. Is it a mark of genius to run THREE deficits (which are debt)? Is it a practical and ethical policy to have race-based welfare that goes by word-of-mouth? Does it show clear moral fortitude and principle to let unelected judges decide law?

    Before one knows it, Trulander will be hitting eighteen holes and offering on-spot guidance.

    It’s embarrassing how whorish the popular press is.

    • canminuteman

      He learned how to memorize cue cards at drama school, so his education is paying off.

  • Scotch_Pine

    I can quote a couple of passages from Shakespeare, but that
    doesn’t make me a famous British playwright.
    Never thought I’d see the day in Canada when a make-believe PM
    pretends to be a physics guru. Of course the media loves it
    too, because as journalists they are all as fake as he is.
    Their coverage proves it.

    • It is sickening, but ten to be expected.

      • G

        It’s quite a testimony to the stupidity of reporters that the Trudeau’s …..”explanation” of quantum computing was considered impressive.

        If that impresses you then perhaps you should avoid grade 5 science fairs or you wil be shocked

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I remember all too well how the media used to fawn over this guy’s dickhead of an old man. Brace for years and years more of this bovine excrement.

    • Clink9

      Please do as I say …

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    The Star’s sub-headline included the phrase ‘to the surprise of many’.

    Which is at least an admission that he is widely considered an idiot.

  • andycanuck

    Let’s see if the CPC has the balls to ask him some quantum computing questions in the HoC (for those rare times the Clown Prince makes an appearance there).

    • Justin opened that can of bookworms. I’d like to see him asked the following:

      “Prime Minister, you mentioned the relationship between particle and wave theory regarding quantum computers. Could you explain the relationship between particle and wave theory — most of us don’t know what that is”.

      • simus1

        That would be so mean.
        “I thank the honourable member for his topical question. To greatly simplify, the quantum wave – particle interface is much like my hairstylist’s efforts in regard to my weekly …………………”

        Some honourable members: “Oh! Oh!”

  • Jaedo Drax

    So I made the mistake of watching the CBC video, and he unnamed reported asked a question about the governments plans for ISIS now that they have engaged in “bombing interuptus” but have yet to engage the “on the ground trainers with no air cover”.

    Instead of even making a small attempt to even give a basic answer, or fob it off onto someone else, or hell, even acknowledge the question was asked, he immediately jumped into his canned word salad about quantum computing, and then when he was done his trained seals started cheering.

    maybe in 2019 they can figure out that 31/2 =/= 15

    • The media should at least wipe their faces off after a blow job like that.

      • felis gracilis

        They could fight over Junior’s bathwater to do the face-wiping.

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          They drink his bathwater. 😉

  • ontario john

    I think the best example of the media’s worship of Great Leader Trudeau, is the big story CTV news had a couple of weeks ago, when they showed a story on a grandma who was making knitted socks for him.

  • Gary

    When I read that item I had to laugh and the scam to fool the peons with bobble and trinkets.
    Justin was coached to toss out what anyone would learn in Computer Science 101 about transistors and Logical gates that make up a Byte from 8 binary
    gates to be a ZERO or 1.
    He then tried to look impressive by citing the Photons from the Sun that are in a Wave while also being a Particle that takes about 8 1/2 minutes to reach the Earth and because of the SUN we’ve had Climate Change for million of years before SUV’s and the Hollywood star’s Private Jets Utility bills to cool their home and heat their pools.

    Justin didn’t even bring up how Faraday’s laws for Magnetic induction on a closed circuit is how a Computer Hard drive moves the Arm into position over the spinning disk where the Heads affect those Oxide based surfaces to move those Gates to a Closed position or Open position in each Byte of 8 bits .
    The CPU chip reads those Bytes from the hard drive based on the Computer Code languages as in the iPhone system where the decoding system is private but the Function of the phone is public information just like how a car works but each design has a Patent or a unique on board Computer control like V W that used their Coded language to Fake the low Emission DATA from the Diesel .

    All the Binary digital system would need to do the increase its storage power and encryption would a simple addition to use a 3 digital mode to 0-1-2 .

    The old Analogue Computers had switches that opened and closed , thus when the Digital Computer came about once the 1947 Transistor was invented with a working model to use Magnetic induction and Voltage to change the Oxide molecule in the Crystal to shift from OPEN to CLOSE or build up the voltage in the resistor until it can JUMP across the distance between Electrons and be an OPEN gate to continue on the circuit to power a light and send a signal .

    Basically, a smart person makes the Complicated easy where the simpleton makes the easy Complicate .
    Justin tossed out a few terms or concepts most people wouldn’t know which made him look impressive by making the easy Complicated.

    The term Quantum just means the simple question of ” How Much” as a measurement for Quantum Physics. The easy way to understand it is to take the normal Beach in Ontario and pick up a handful of sand in your palm which may be around 10,000 grains of silicate or mixed sand.
    If you see the odd Black or Brown colour grain you would us Quantum Beach physics to understand “How Much” of an affect that 8 Brown grains have among the 10,000 total to make the sand hot from direct sunlight where your bare feet hurt to walk on it. Since Sunlight is reflected from light colour and get absorbed to dark colour such as hanging out a wet white shirt next to a wet Black shirt in direct sunlight on a warm day to see which dries quicker.
    This Quantum Beach physics would help to engineer a beach in Toronto to have a ratio of darker Grains to help make the sand get warm faster in our cooler days of August and May while a Beach festival over three weeks in the peek of summer heat for June and July would import the whitest sand plus clear silicate grains to stay cooler as it reflects more light to make volley ball games or walking around easier on the feet.
    Quantum Computer science is a 3D storage concept similar to the your brain cells that hold you visual memories of places or people you know. So imagine that pile of 10,000 grains of sand compressed to a cube shape like a storage building and each layer of grains is a floor in the building while each hallway is a wall of doors in different colours as to be like a grain of sand that is Brown or clear.
    Justin would have made more sense with this example and pointed out that each door can have 50 shades of Brown or even Red with a number on it as well while being in any position among the 10,000 Doors . This arrangement could replace the 8 BIT Byte of OPEN/CLOSE with just 1 door in the right shade in the right spot in that 3D Sand Cube once you create the Language for the CPU to decode it .

    In Art class we learn how to mix colour to create new ones because of the pigments in the liquids as they bend which is the a 3D example of Quantum Paint Physics for “How Much” orange grains of sand change the look of the clear grains while they both still exists in the 3D state of the liquid.

    The common Green in hospital ER’s or OR’s for uniforms is because the ugly Red blood that makes people sick- by linked it to a trauma or accident that can kill you – will land on the Green material and form a a dark shade of Grey to hide the Red .
    If Justin was the Genius the MSM made him out to be , he would have noted that Israel has already invented a DNA based organic Computer based system to act very close to the power of the Brain that can process all your 5 senses at once as you walk or drive to multi-task .
    But then again, Justin wants the Muslim votes and saying nice things about those evil jews while islam hasn’t invented anything for about 500 years wouldn’t go over well or make friend with the pro-sharia jew-hating Syrian migrants .

    • mauser 98

      whew… pour me a glass of Stella

      • Gary

        Tomorrow is 420 , the Pot rally at Yonge & Dundas will have banners
        cheering Trudeau to say Justinhale .

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          Justintoxicated? Mmmm that explains a lot. 😀

  • robins111

    You just wait till he beats Obama in a round of golf where he gets 18 holes in one. Now that’s gonna be funny

    • Will Quest

      just wait until dear leader Just-IN young-un
      defeats supreme leader’s, Kim Jong-un’s 18 holes in one !

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Just wait until we all have to have our hair cut like his (what will Mancrush do? A rug?).

  • BillyHW

    The leaking vaginas on Facebook have flooded the place with beautiful Justin’s answer.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The MSM are going to get scaly and scabby knees from blowing Justin 24/7. Such transparently cheap whores they all are.