ISIL killers freely roamed across Europe

FILE - In this file photo dated March 11, 2004, rescue workers cover up bodies alongside a bomb-damaged passenger train, following a number of explosions in Madrid, Spain. A gun assault on the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday Jan. 7, 2014, was the deadliest terrorist attack in Frances recent history, and joins the roll of terror attacks in western Europe, including the bombs on rush-hour trains at Madrid's Atocha station that killed 191 people. (AP Photo/Paul White, FILE)

‘Man in the hat’ left a trail across EU that led to UK and arrests in Birmingham are thought to have been triggered by capture of the Belgian jihadist.

  • It’s so multicultural!

  • Islamic engineering.
    Really improving the ventilation in that train-car.

  • Beyond stupid, the Euros; Intellectual rigidity combined with utopian aspirations – the high road to the dung hill.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    And don’t kid yourself, he’s got buddies in Canerduh with similar plans. I used to love going to BC Place to watch the Lions. Now, not so much. I find myself waiting for the attack to break out and am well aware that I’m disarmed (a situation that would not apply in the case of an attack on my home). Takes a bit of the enjoyment out of the event. Mucking fuzzies. :-/