Does “Affirmative Action” Drive Some Workplace Violence? The Mounting Body-Count Suggests So.

This is a story in two parts, the first examines the pathology behind the violence, and the second the role affirmative action plays in such cases where the exposure of an incompetent employee is the spark that lights the powder keg of carnage. 

You’ve heard of “Going Postal”. Several different shootings by postal workers (mostly white) have set that in the American vocabulary. But have you ever heard of a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre”? No, because when a black commits a mass murder, he’s not identified in the press as black—except when he claims racism. lists Disgruntled Minority Massacres as another of its public services, like its listing of outbreaks of “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome,” with which Disgruntled Minority has some overlap e.g. Akouch Kashoual, below, was from Sudan, originally.

The phenomenon of “Going Postal”, or “Workplace violence” is usually said to be caused by a “disgruntled” employee. Many of these “disgruntled” employees are blacks who target their white or Hispanic co-workers. What disgruntled them? Racism. Not ours—theirs.

My theory developed in the course of many years’ experience in the media business: as the horrifying on-air killings of Alison Parker and Adam Ward by black anchor Vester Flanagan suggests, these murders aren’t just motivated by anti-white racism, but by non-whites’ fear of their own professional incompetence being revealed.  This raises the terrifying possibility the violence is simply another inevitable cost of diversity.

There is almost complete consistency in the racial differences in outcomes that can be considered measures of psychopathic personality. In everything from child behavior to sexual precocity to adult crime rates we find Asians at one extreme, blacks at the other, and whites, Hispanics and American Indians in between. These differences are not only consistent through time but are found in countries such as France, Britain, Canada, and the United States, which have very different histories of what could be called “racism.” Indices of high psychopathic personality in blacks are likewise found in the virtually all-black societies of Africa and the Caribbean.

[Race and Psychopathic Personality, American Renaissance, July 2007]

Consider Flanagan’s situation, placed by Affirmative Action into a position in which he could not succeed. Flanagan had no fewer than six jobs in the news business between 1995 and 2013. He had terrible performance reviews, which documented verbal abuse and threats as well as incompetence. Thus the general manager at WDBJ simply muttered he “passed muster”—a nice way of saying he was hired for being black.[Gunman Vester Flanagan’s personnel files reveal disturbing WDBJ tenure, by Michael Martinez, CNN, August 28, 2015]