Diversity isn’t unity

“…What sorts of people are we willing and able to accept into our country and what will their impact be, not only today but in the future?

Are we willing to accept those whose sense of identity is so strongly attached to their racial or religious group that they are unable or unwilling to adapt to life in Canada?

Why would we when we have a country that is already divided along ethnocultural lines, including the “nation within a nation” of Quebec, the 600 or more First Nations groups and the various enclaves of other immigrant groups?

How can we ever emerge as a strong, unified country with all these fault lines?

The catchy, sweet-sounding slogan of “unity in diversity” is a crock.

If the only thing we have in common is our differences, then we have very little in common.

The Liberal government’s proposed changes to accepting newcomers reinforce divisions among first generation immigrants and do nothing to promote national unity.”