Continental Breakfast


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This Is The Real Goal Of The LGBT “Rights” Movement

  • ontario john

    Before you all eat breakfast this morning. The Sunday Star is basically were are all racist bastards. Heart warming story and picture of a trans gender thing. And conservatives are evil. And the CBC is upset that Manitoba may elect a conservative government, even though they have done their best to tarnish the Conservative leader with typical CBC bullshit stories about him.

    • El Martyachi

      At your place it’s more like a hearth warming story, IIRC.

  • kkruger71

    Had my first encounter with the “Syrian Refugees” here in Kitchener last night. Not exactly the best first impression.
    A bunch of them are being put up at a local hotel (long-term, not this “a couple weeks” BS the government is peddling). Someone had booked the conference room for a stag and doe and the hotel had to hire security to keep these people out. Not just some guy sitting at the door, but there were two of them and they were being kept very busy during the couple times I saw them.
    When I was coming my client had advised me to come in the back way “to make it easier”. I assumed she had meant that the room they had was closer to the rear exit so I had my cab pull into the back. Foolishly, when I left the gig I went out the front and was immediately mobbed with kids asking/demanding I give them balloons out of my gear. The more I said no, or sorry, or I have to go, the more demanding they became, with many of them trying to actually “help themselves” to my stuff and I had to physically keep them from stealing my stuff. I was unable to even stop out front and had to walk across the entire parking lot and across the street and called my cab from there.
    And this was not a language issue. These kids were speaking fairly fluent English, and a bunch of the parents were just sitting nearby, laughing and smoking while watching all of this. Even if the parents were unable to understand English, they could fully understand what was happening just from the visuals.

    • ontario john

      Wait until all of Trudeau’s gypsies arrive.

      • kkruger71

        Funny, that’s sort of what went through my head when it was happening, “Isn’t this what the gypsies are supposedly like in Europe?”.

    • G

      I dare ANYBODY to walk through a playground or by a daycare populated by all WHITE, WESTERN children & see if the same thing happens.

      NO! Most of the kids might stop & look for a moment or watch you pass. Maybe some very bold ones might ASK for a balloon (but even this would be unlikely).

      • kkruger71

        I do this all the time, this is my living. Occasionally i get pestered a bit, but mostly it’s as you describe; most look and point, the odd one comes up and politely asks (to which I tend to accommodate unless there’s 60+ of them), and mostly the parents either prevent them coming over to bother me entirely or come up and ask for a card. The exception to this being certain other cultures, or heavily single parent areas, most of which I am rarely in as my services are expensive and therefore I am rarely hired into those areas.

  • tom_billesley

    Turkish is made an official language of the EU, before any vote is taken to admit Turkey to the EU. Cyprus used as an excuse. Looks like Turkish membership is no longer “if” but “when”.

  • tom_billesley

    Who you gonna call? Muzz Busters.
    Swedish vigilantes use speedboat to turn back migrant traffickers to Denmark.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    George Clooney is an imbecile.