All that remained of Jihadi John was ‘a greasy spot on the ground’ after he was killed in a drone strike, U.S. Colonel says

jihadi john

Asked why it had taken so long to kill the 27-year-old, Col Warren added: ‘We have to positively identify the location of these guys, so we want to make sure that we can take the strike with the minimal amount of civilian casualties. This has been the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare.’

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  • Pinpoint accuracy certainly has its place, but nothing wins wars like prolonged carpet bombing of urban centres and critical infrastructure I always say.

    • Yin and yang.

    • Maximum impact to as many “hearts & minds” as possible eh?

      Radical muslims consider western careful humane tactics a soft spot, and it is having the opposite effect than the intended one.

      After some drone operator in a high-tech container in Vegas has fired a 50 million $ radicalist-seeking missile up the nose of some wacko, 10 guys initiate revenge-rape of a couple of virgins.

      The resulting spawn is then clothed and fed by UNRWA, brainwashed and conditioned by bearded monkeys, until they reach “invasion age”, an are then set off to finger-bang their way into European capitals.

  • simus1

    An easier but much harder to answer question might have been:
    “Why waste time and expense whacking some exhibitionist muslim terrorist butcher
    when the same resources could have been used to destroy their top leadership? Doesn’t Emperor Barry want to show the JV who is boss?”