UCLA students labeled ‘Islamophobes’ for disagreeing with pro-Palestine agenda


The University of California, Los Angeles Graduate Student Association approved a resolution Wednesday calling those who do not support a pro-Palestine agenda “Islamophobic.”

“I really think that the whole bill was sort of a trap for the members,” one GSA representative told Campus Reform on condition of anonymity. “It was designed to put the Forum in a very awkward position, because if you vote against it you’re seen as being ‘for’ anti-Arabism and Islamophobia.”

  • Gary

    Yep , they are so f’d up I don’t care any more.

    Queer’s 4 Palestine.

    Nice one guys, hamas would slit your throat in a heartbeat.

  • marty_p

    I find it interesting that the Pali’s conveniently ignore Palestinian Christians when it suits their agenda and put them front and centre other times when it suits their agenda.
    Palestinians are Arab migrants from other parts of the Arab world who migrated to the area for economic opportunity when they got wind of what the Jews were up to…

  • I’m proud to be an Islamophobe from Islamophobokeee!

  • pdxnag

    The U.N. will proudly fund the next set of gas chambers for the continuation of Hitler’s and Mohammad’s quest to exterminate the Jews. (Don’t be such a party pooper, you Islamofauxbes.)

  • simus1

    UCLA grad student political activists – la creme de la creme.

    • Gaylord Ponce

      Couple ‘a homos.