Thousands of troops on Paris streets but are they France’s new Maginot line?

On the cobbled alleyways of Montmartre, as a busker warbled La Vie en Rose and street artists painted watercolours of the view over Paris, Master Corporal Jean-Claude had been up since dawn leading a platoon of soldiers on patrol in full camouflage and flak jackets with fingers resting lightly near the triggers of their assault rifles.

“Our mission is to protect, dissuade and reassure,” he said in clipped tones, as his men from the 3rd Marine Infantry Regiment, normally based in Brittany, snaked past pavement cafes, tour groups and couples kissing, scanning all around for bombs or terrorists.

  • Millie_Woods

    In most Western European countries a parallel government has also deployed it’s troops on the streets. It’s soldiers are not instructed to ‘protect and reassure’ the population, but rather to exploit Europe’s every weakness in order to intimidate and coerce the people in a war of conquest. And every day Europe reinforces that shadow army with another couple of thousand young, able-bodied, male soldiers and the population pays to billet them, in fact, welcomes them.

    This is what mass insanity looks like.

  • simus1

    There was nothing especially wrong with the strategic concept of the Maginot Line. The fact was that the northern end to the sea was not completed because spineless politicians weren’t prepared to take the heat from leftist merde agitators campaigning against the money being spent on it. So convenient reasons were found why the last phase was “no longer needed”. Just like living in a home with four entrances. If you put expensive security locks on three of the new strong doors, why waste money putting any lock on the fourth old door that gets little use?

    Hollande’s extended misuse of elite troops by parading them in public in uniform is ass covering politics to protect himself from do nothing accusations if the muslim terrorists choose to act up. Hopefully there is extensive secret work going on behind the scenes to fashion a more robust and worldwide response to the jihadi terrorists and their enablers.

    • Hollande is a failure as only the French can manage.

      • John

        He’s the very template from which the concept of cowardice was struck. He even backtracked on a plan to deport convicted terrorists holding dual nationality.