The Left’s Climate Inquisition’s New Target

AGs for clean power climate change hoax

The root of what is going on here appears to be an effort to intimidate, harass, frighten, and possibly imprison or fine anyone who Walker and his fellow warders think is saying the wrong thing and who is standing in the way when it comes to forcing the rest of us to switch to politically correct and unreliable energy sources like wind and solar.

  • The left is little different than Islam when it comes down to it.

  • BeukendaalMason

    The inquisition, what a show!

    • If you’re ever in Lima, Peru, be sure to visit the central Cathedral. The basement of the Church still contains the torture chambers from the 16th Century Inquisition, now preserved as a museum. You’d be surprised at the cruel ingenuity with which they designed the torture implements. Communist dictator Ceausescu of the former Romanian Socialist Republic would have been impressed — re-education through torture was his specialty.

      The Inquisition chambers should be at the top of the list for field trips of graduating High Schoolers — so they can ask the right questions of the Climate fascists they’ll invariably encounter in University. Interrogation, incarceration, and re-education through torture for holding dissenting opinions is nothing new — modern fascist Progressives didn’t invent it. Al Gore and David Suzuki didn’t invent it neither — it’s been a part of retrograde thinking for centuries.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Al Gore and David Suzuki should be thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice to Gaia.

    • Especially since one large volcanic eruption probably spews more toxic gases into the atmosphere than all the human fossil fuel emissions across the world in a decade.