Rex Murphy: Canada’s not the enemy — but don’t try telling that to Stephen and Avi Lewis

One of the more forceful lines of Stephen Lewis’s speech in Edmonton in support of the Leap Manifesto last weekend was his forceful takedown of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the question of the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. After complimenting Trudeau for his florid embrace of feminism, he gave a quite deft turn of the knife by asking how Trudeau the feminist could justify selling arms to Saudi Arabia, a “regime steeped in misogyny.”

  • Petrilia

    Who will Canada of this negative bunch. Lewis and family,all they have ever been a drain on Canada. Colldctyourmillionsa shut up.

  • mauser 98

    our Bill Ayers

  • BillyHW

    Stephen Lewis is the worst Canadian.

  • Rex Murphy for PM already.

    • k1962

      Could you imagine listing to him in the House? I like him, but I’d be exhausted afterwards.

      • I could and it would still be better than listening to PM Hair-Boy’s endless stuttering.

        • k1962

          Yeah, but Justin is so dumb, it’s funny.

          • Well, no, it’s not funny. It’s embarrassing to have someone so inadequate for the task prancing around like a doofus.

          • k1962

            You’re right. He is embarrassing.

          • Painfully so.

    • 57Dana

      Give Rex the CBC, see what he could do with a billion dollars worth of painful truth a year.

  • k1962

    Stupid silver spoon socialists!

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Who lives in very expensive Forest Hill Toronto.

  • Minicapt

    I nominate Stephen Lewis as a test case for the Expedited Death Law. It should be the zenith of Duty for him.


  • 57Dana

    “…After all, you can’t wear the feminist T-shirt at home and traffic with misogynists abroad….” But you certainly can get away with it if the Lame Stream Media is in your rear pocket (and they do love his curves back there, pucker up CBC!), and simply fails to cover the inconsistencies reporting reality might expose.

  • simus1

    NDP regimes are commonly steeped in “know nothing bullshitery” which their media party friends mightily strive to present as “concern for the poor and oppressed”.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A good percentage of lunatic Liberal voters will probably shift to the NDP come next election, the Conservatives should work hard to get the NDP Blue collar and skilled trades vote before the Liberals get them.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Stephen Lewis identified himself as a waste of carbon decades ago. I think I was still a teenager when it became “common currency” that SL is probably a tad crazy and someone who should never be let near any serious levers of power. Seems SL’s entire genetic line shares some kind of “suicide gene”.

    • Clausewitz

      I always thought of him as just another greasy little commie lover. And yeah that was going back 40 years ago.