Portland Campus Radicals Plan Shutdown of Students for Trump Event Today

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The coalition of far-left students and faculty that aggressively disrupted a students for Donald Trump event last week at Oregon’s Portland State University is at it again, planning to shut down millennials who want to discuss Trump’s plan to “make America great again” at a rally planned for 1:30 pm Pacific time.

  • Who knew that a generation of Nazis was being raised?

    • Alain

      Those running the education system did and succeeded.

      • Clausewitz

        This is what happens when the NEA takes over from State and local authorities. Nice correlation between Carter changing the mandate on the NEA to the growth of leftist tripe on campus’ across the US. Prior to Carter the NEA was pretty much benign and only helped produce resources for teachers. After Carter made them responsible for curriculum the NEA became a leftist juggernaut that produced the dumbing down of the US through it’s Core Curriculum.

  • pdxnag

    One might get the idea that the genocidal anti-White folk are angry at being pictured in National Geographic, or something.

  • Denis

    free speech is only allowed if you agree with me!

    • Alain

      They don’t even understand the concept of free speech. You are right in that they actually believe that their right to free speech gives them the right to remove the same right from those with whom they disagree. Furthermore, what I call marxist thuggery has become the norm in that they resort to violence to get their way. When a society tolerates this, it is clearly falling apart.

  • At what point do the characterizations of Trump cross the line from being “political opinion” to defamation, the latter of which is actionable?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Doesn’t matter.
      Trump is going to eviscerate the witch in the debates.
      And besides, he’s got a thick skin and the best lawyers.

  • jack burns

    The rain and humidity in Portland makes them the way they are. Hair roots grow through the skull. Love those bull dikes, 5’2″ with 44″ yabs and a crew cut.