It’s like I’m the Martha Stewart of Vaping…

So… Today I made my first home made batch of Vape juice, or e-juice as it is more popularly known by Hipsters or something.

My first year without a smoke is rapidly approaching and I had set a goal of leaving the nicotine vape juice behind when I reached that milestone.

I used a 60/40 split of PG – Propylene Glycol and VG – Vegetable Glycerin with a Peach flavour concentrate. PG gives you the throat hit smokers crave and carries the flavour, VG makes the “smoke”. A 50-50 mix is recommended for those new to vaping and is what I have used for the last year.

I made several 30 ml batches to experiment with the amount of flavour added. 10% flavour per batch size is considered a standard but your mileage may vary, hence the experimentation, a little below, a little above.

vape girl

The reasons for home-brewing are two-fold, 1 – to get off the nicotine completely (I’ve been using a 3 mg juice mix exclusively) and 2 – it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to make your own.

By staying away from the use of nicotine I reduce the cost as well but also reduce the risk of poisoning myself which given my less than sterling lab standards makes it a good thing.

Since I’m using a single flavour without nic I can vape this creation right away, the use of 2 flavour add’s and say nicotine requires “steeping and airing” the mix over the course of week according to most sources.

And… the results aren’t bad at all. I’m using the recommended 10% flavour per 30 ml batch mix now.

And you know what else I did?

I made a chocolate cake, which I’m about to ice, and prepped ribs for dinner.

Like I said, I’m like the Martha Stewart of somethin…. and Pip wanted ribs.