Erdogan Transformed Turkey into an ‘Islamist Police State’ That Is No Longer a ‘Reliable NATO Ally’

frank gaffney

“I think what he’s trying to tell us is different from what he’s trying to tell his own people,” Gaffney said of Erdogan’s proclamation.  “He’s telling us that he’s all about solidarity, and tolerance, and ecumenicalism, and we all need to pull together, and so on.”

“But the main message he’s been sending to his own people, for something like 13 years now, is Islamic supremacism,” Gaffney continued.  “It has nothing to do with [singing] ‘Kumbaya’ with infidels.  It is about forcing them to submit, in the classic tradition of sharia.

  • xavier

    The most effective way to slap Erodogan and put this Turk in his place is to recognize the Kurds and then impose severe visa restrictions 8n the Turks.

    His threat of flooding refugees to Europe will crater amd he’ll be exposed as the emperor wol no clothes

    • They should be kicked out of NATO. This is like inviting Austria to join the allies in WW II.

      • andycanuck

        It’s a von Trapp.
        /admiral akbar

  • mobuyus

    erodogan is a donkey on the grass as any iranian could tell you.

  • simus1

    He has noted the hugely successful Dumpsterstan policy of conning the USA by trading worthless promises for billions of dollars.
    erdogan wants in on the action, plus a sultan’s hat, plus a bunch of vassal states under his thumb to the south.
    And as much cheap oil for resale as he can get away with – for now.

  • Flyboy

    Turkey has become NATO’s Trojan horse.

  • Attila

    You criticize only Erdogan. Thn what is USA and Europaen states are doing in Syria. Because there is a threat for them. Turkey Rupublic! Why everything is happening in middle east? Why nothing is happening in other where? Because, there is patrol in the middle east. USA uses isis for their benefits. And used Al Kaide too.

    Why you cant criticize Netenyahu? His state killed so many people. He killed so many childern, while they were playing games. But you dont see these. You only criticize Erdogan. Bcause you afraid of him.

    u afraid of Turkey.