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  • H

    Re: Hillary Clinton phone conversation: I don’t suppose that this bit of information will make any difference: so many people won’t care that she lied egregiously and let a “friend” die horribly and needlessly, and America be humiliated by aloha snackbar screaming thugs. After all, it’s 2016 and time for a female President …

    • simus1

      Hitlery and erdogan through their stooges were very obviously running some sort of combined anti Assad muslim terrorist convention and arms training sessions on American/ libyan weapons for muslim terrorist instructors.
      The fact she lied so poorly about everything just gave the MSM more incentive to prove they could do a superb cover up and receive her undying gratitude. Boot lick. Boot lick.

  • tom_billesley

    Aldi has said it will the change the name of its “rape yellow” paint after it was branded “offensive” by a sexual assault victim.
    It would have been ideal for use on a college campus.

  • Jim Horne

    Re: Gun Control

    I think your readers may be concerned about the following legislation, Bill S-223. It is “An Act to Amend the Firearms Act and the Criminal Code”.

    You will likely be hearing more about it in the days to come. To say that Bill S-223 may radically and fundamentally change the Firearms Act is an understatement. I hope you will become more aware of what the Liberal legislation will do so you can better defend firearm owners rights from what appears to be a draconian piece of legislation.

    Below is a commentary on Bill S-223 by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.


    She’s baaaack. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the Senate of Canada, along comes Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette with the newest incarnation of her Draconian anti-gun bill, now called Bill S-223.

    This is the latest of several legislative introductions the honourable Senator has made to inflict a wicked piece of garbage on Canadians.

    The bill would change the “Restricted” category to “Circumscribed” (cutting off the flash hider of your AR-15?), prohibit all firearms except a VERY narrow range of hunting firearms and “localize” the prohibition of restricted firearms. In other words, that’s centralized lock up of some of your guns and destruction of the rest.


    As well, no one would be allowed to move circumscribed (restricted/prohibited) guns except approved “Transporters.” Of course, these would be made up of highly trained, untouchable and steely-eyed folks – like Canada Post, but even better.

    Guns would not be “registered” but “inscribed.” Says the good Senator: “You can appreciate that the terms ‘registration’ and ‘registered’ have been used so often that we simply thought that using the term ‘inscription’ would eliminate some anxiety. I think that using the term inscription does not evoke feelings of fear””

    Yes, it’s true, she really does think you are that stupid.

    Seemingly, she also thinks the media and the rest of Canadians are stupid enough to be fooled by this childish attempt at deceit.

    The Senator also states: “The firearm death rate in the United States, a country with very weak gun control laws, was 10.3 per 100,000 population in 2011. That amounts to 32,163 deaths in one year, according to the National Vital Statistic Reports from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That would be the number of deaths if 20 towers, like those of the World Trade Center, were to collapse every year in the United States. There were 2,977 victims on September 11, 2001.”

    Apparently she failed arithmetic too.

    Twenty World Trade Center tragedies would total 59,540, not 32,163. She also quotes the U.S. example as proof that Canada is different because of our gun control while failing to recognize that as the numbers of U.S. firearms goes up, violent crime with firearms goes down. Apparently the Senator’s facts only go in one direction and her prowess in deciphering and analyzing social trends and dangers is only dwarfed by her considerable mathematics skills.

    As the last pail of stupid gets thrown into the tub, all restricted/prohibited would be forbidden to transfer.

    There’s a lot more too. Some 76 pages of legalese gobbledygook to decipher, but we are on it!

    The bill cannot receive second reading until the Liberals and the Conservatives speak to the bill. The Liberals are set to speak on April 19 and the Conservative are TBA, but we are watching this closely. Bill S-223 has had a HUGE amount of work put into its creation. It took a number of Department of Justice lawyers a few months of work to create this one – and that is very concerning.

    We will be listening to the Liberal’s statement on the bill, anxious to hear if their promise to not create a gun registry meant that it was okay to create an “inscription registry.” If this bill passes second reading, we go to war!

    Stay tuned, polish your armour and sharpen your swords.

  • tom_billesley

    People trafficking Pope returns from Greece with 12 migrants. Vatican pets?

    • simus1

      Pope Evita Jorge Mario Bergoglio should stay in Lesbos and wash muslim fake refugee feet 12 hours a day for a year. Do western civilization a favour.

  • G

    Reporter quits because of Trump

    Yet these lying weasels continue to expect readers and viewers to blindly accept everything they report as the truth. –Why?

    • Justin St.Denis


  • G

    I found the story about the rescued cat amusing and heartwarming but the part about how “vultures circled overhead”,
    oh give me a break!!!

    Vultures……seriously? In British Columbia? We’re there some hyenas circling as wel? Maybe pterodactyl or two?

    Fucking dumb ass journalists. If you want to write fiction say it’s fiction you lying shits.