Can Hillary Continue to Evade Accountability?

hillary hitler 2

There is no doubt at this point that Mrs. Clinton has been caught publicly in numerous lies, yet the mainstream media continue to overlook her many falsehoods in an attempt to bolster her candidacy. In particular, the news media continue to allow Mrs. Clinton to call these potentially criminal proceedings a “security review.”

  • Hell yes she will.

    All the more reason to vote Trump.

  • huron

    she is all for itself that is ok just please don’t speak for a nation

  • bob e

    no matter what crime she commits, she is the favorite
    to be the next president of the USA. and as that happens
    we will lose the country. pooofff !! we are gone

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Can Hillary Continue to Evade Accountability?
    Oh yeah, the MSM will see to it. Let the coronation begin! (and pass the sick bag, Ethel)