Aid worker warns Britain many migrants have ‘no intention of living under Christian law’


However, speaking frankly about integration and resettlement, one aid worker warned European nations, and Britain in particular, must handle immigration with a firm hand.

The aid worker from Serbia, who asked to remain anonymous and has worked on the crisis in the Balkans, speaks Arabic and is often mistaken for a Muslim.

Because of this he has been able to hear and understand scathing remarks made against aid workers providing help to refugees.

These include the charity workers being branded “filthy Christian kuffars” – a derogatory Arabic word meaning non-believer.

  • Boy. I am just shocked.

  • “Christian law” — what planet did this guy come from? It’s secular atheist law. I’ve said it before, but wait until the Islamists discover that Western governments are not “Christian”. Wait until they discover that they are not fighting government “Christian Crusaders” as their religious leaders in the Middle East have falsely indoctrinated them to believe. That’s when the bulls**t will hit the fan for our ruling secular Marxist Left.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      European countries were all traditionally Christian so their laws were and are based on Christianity, no matter how secular they have become culturally. When Europeans speak of “Christian law”, they mean Western European law. They don’t have the same hypersensitivity over “separation of church and state” that we New Worlders have.

      • I agree with the history and the cultural differences. But it’s still a b.s. misrepresentation — there’s nothing “Christian” about abortion, Gay marriage, euthanasia, pedophilia, etc. Muslims are not in fact being subjected to something from the Crusades — these are almost all Marxist/Socialist governments to some degree — not just in culture but increasingly in law — becoming more fascistic by the day. They’re beyond secular, to the point of being overtly anti-Christian. Especially when they facilitate Islam as a political instrument for persecuting Christians and Jews.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Bruce Bawer, an American living in Norway, was writing about this back in 2005 in his book While Europe Slept. In these cultures showing gratitude is considered weakness, and kindness in others is seen as a weakness to be taken advantage of. The rudeness, aggression, and contempt that Arab Muslim immigrants would show to kindly Norwegian volunteers and social workers was not something they had any cultural ability to deal with, because it was so alien to everything they had known, so they would just go into denial and pretend it wasn’t happening. Not being able to understand their language and what they were actually saying to each other probably helped. But once you know what people are actually saying about you, that they are calling you “filthy nonbeliever” (kuffar) or a “whore” (sharmuta), it’s hard to keep up the pretense.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    And Justinian the Boy Wonder (we all wonder if he’s “one of those”) wants to import this vermin here. We need a PEGIDA sort of thing in Canerduh to get some push back going, but of course, the sheeple are too well tamed for that. :-/