When Democrats Debate Israel

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders’s quixotic quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders has accomplished something that seemed unlikely when the campaign began last summer. During the first debates held between the larger field of candidates then running in both parties, the Republicans competed with each other to demonstrate which one was the most ardent friend of Israel (much to the dismay of some commentators like Ann Coulter) while the issue went almost unmentioned among the Democrats. That seemed to illustrate the way the two parties had shifted on foreign policy, with the GOP speaking almost with one voice on the issue while Democrats no longer cared much about demonstrating support for Israel.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Although Hillary’s words are welcome, I worry more about her deeds, and as president, she is likely to serve up more of the same old tired, failed diplomacy.

    • Mattiemgladden4

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