Video – Trevor Phillips: What British Muslims Really Think

Watch before it’s pulled.

  • I downloaded it as a 360p MP4 (Normal quality). If anyone finds this in 720p or 1080p, let me know please – we’ll archive it.

    • I downloaded as 480p MP4 on (163 megs).

      Although after watching it I have mixed feelings about the value of its content. Mr. Trevor is still Jonesin’ for a sociological solution to the problem and I find that irritating. Government social workers and social engineering aren’t the solution they’re the problem to begin with.

      Also not delighted to hear that Mr. Trevor was the moron who introduced the misnomer “Islamophobia” into the debate, all on account of a handful of neo-Nazi skinheads who engaged in some juvenile delinquency a decade or so ago. Does Mr. Trevor realize the incredible damage he did by popularizing a word that medicalized the problem of “intolerance”? Now practically anybody can be classified as an “Islamophobe”, including himself.

      • My mistake – I have the 480p too. If anyone spots a hi-res version, please let us know so we can snag a copy before the SJWs disappear it.

        • Will do. In spite of my critique, if the SJWs are trying to disappear it then we better keep it. They’re probably afraid of the implications of the stats.

    • V10_Rob

      ( is another way to download and save Youtube content.

    • WimsThePhoenix


  • Hktony

    We know what they think. Why do jot need to listen to this piece of shit that called white people racist when we told him . Fck him

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m trying to grab a rip too.
    So far only this 360p available, but it looks okay on a big screen TV.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I’ve friends still in Britain. They have been saying this for years. The only people who are FEIGNING SURPRISE/SHOCK at these results are the MSM and the elites. The general viewing public likely yawned in boredom as these “revelations” were “exposed”, to use the exclamatory prose style preferred by the Brit media.

    • Dana Garcia

      Society looks different from the back of a limo.

  • John

    People knew all about this shit years ago. But anyone playing it up was labelled racist and so silenced.

    • True – the video is more important as an indication of a growing awareness (at least by the MSM) of the dangers of Islam than for any actual new developments. It’s the SOS that’s been going on for 1400 years.

      • John

        British leftists are very slow learners In fact, most leftists are.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Nobody likes the old idea of assimilation” says Trevor. (40:00)

    Really? How do you maintain the nation without assimilation of immigrants? Otherwise there are warring tribes in the neighborhood rather than across the border.

    • moraywatson

      And by “nobody”, Trevor means anyone in the retarded elitist milieu that he pals around in.