Tulane Students Build “Trump Wall” Outside Their Frat, Black Activists Tear It Down


Since video of the destructive act went viral over the last 24 hours, activist Manali Souda started a petition to “Stand against the wall” and stand with the vandals who destroyed it.

The petition says the wall, which was built on private property, has been a “source of aggression towards students of colour” and is “overtly threatening towards Muslim and Latino students.”

  • Martin B

    Today’s lesson: Building a wall is not much good if you don’t vigorously defend it.

    • RDRR

      Agreed! There should have been a wholesale ass kicking. But, like whites everywhere, they just let it happen. People had better start standing up for themselves. Or they will lose their country and possibly their lives!

  • BeukendaalMason

    I wonder what would happen if they put up a wall with Hillary 2016 and see if that wall is still “offensive” and “divisive” or if tearing down the wall was really just a jackbooted political attack (and prove that it was).

  • mobuyus

    Build walls with the corpses of sniveling whiners.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Pinochet already did that in Chile. Highway medians are very strongly reinforced with the skeletal remains of many of Pinochet’s victims. NOT a great precedent to emulate……

      • mobuyus

        There may actually be a difference between pinochet’s victims and sniveling whiners.

  • mauser 98

    imagine if Trump does win

  • pdxnag

    Everything is apparently explained by racial identity, for racists.

  • tom_billesley

    How does one play bridge at a university – does every contract have to be “no trumps” to avoid triggering someone?

  • Alain

    Like all communists they do not recognise the concept of private property.

  • canminuteman

    Civil war is coming. If the left reacts like this to the very concept of a republican presidential candidate, you can imagine how they would react to a republican president.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The police rank-and-file are just waiting for an opportunity to enforce the laws evenly. Their confusion under the current identity politics is horribly evident, and is at the root of so many “incidents”.