This is what passes as “anti-racist” graffiti at University of Wisconsin

UW-Madison student arrested for allegedly creating anti-racist graffiti on campus

  • Clink9

    Because the little Snowflakes are so offended and hurt by bad names, they think everyone is like them. Hilarious. Rage on little flakes, rage on.

  • Ed

    Evidently, this also passes as spelling in the modern university.

  • “The Devil is a White man” is actually Rastafarian doctrine. Seriously, as least according to my former rasta co-tenants. Got into religious debates with them all the time. They were totally harmless though — non-violent — I could defend myself and speak my mind without fear of reprisal. Actually got to like the two fellows.

    I saw a couple of White rastas at the supermarket recently — I wonder how they reconcile that fact that they are “the Devil” according to their own religion…

  • Gary

    It’s the misandry combined with White-envy .
    Whites are a Minority on Earth and yet Che Guevara said he admired the White Europeans as inventive and productive to create prosperous societies.
    Non-whites , God-haters and feminists would not survive if they actually took a stance to reject all the inventions by White males in Christian based Nations where there are Work-Ethics and respect for God to make things better for the next generation.

    Sure there were some people that did bad things but we had Jails for them where in many Communist or islamic hell-holes these same crimes by their people would walked free for spouse abuse or pedophilia.

    How would Obama like to go back to Kenya and refuse to Appropriate White culture inventions such a cars, planes, cell phones , radio’s , TV , satellite’s , vaccines , eye surgery , printing press, computers , electricity , clean water , boats , zippers, velcro , rubber products, Oil based products , Nuclear Plants, Hydro dams and so on .

    Go ahead and kill all the hard-working smart people on Earth which will leave the Communist China and India that are over 1,000,000,000 each and in no mood for the BS from malcontent Black snow flakes .