Susan Rice: Islamic State Not a Clash Of Civilizations

susan rice - obama

“We have faced down and defeated much greater adversaries,” she said. “ISIL is not Nazi Germany. It is not the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War. This is not World War III or the much-hyped clash of civilizations.”

  • Clink9

    She’ll be out work soon enough.

  • Mal

    Back in the 70s, my pre-schooler nephews used to have these light, hollow, colourful plastic baseball bats of huge dimension in order to allow a better chance of them hitting a ball. When I look at that photograph…

  • canminuteman

    She is wrong. The fight against Nazi Germany, as big as it was, was an internecine, struggle within our civilization. They were part of the same civilization we were. Islam is totally alien.

  • Millie_Woods

    Look at that picture. I still can’t believe their hands are on the levers of western civilization. Our ancestors would be horrified.

    • DVult

      I’m horrified.

  • The Butterfly

    That’s because ISIS is not the enemy. Islam is the enemy.

    • Sleepyjohn

      Succinct and to the point. The apparent cretinous inability, or treasonous refusal of so many in authority in the West to grasp this simple fact will unquestionably lead to a massive clash of civilisations.

      As with Army Ants, the muslim enemy is the whole brainwashed colony of 1.5 billion, not just a handful of soldiers at the front. They hardly need soldiers anyway, when the poltroons in charge of their prey just open the gates to let them all in, give their trained cult-programmers senior jobs in the administration, and encourage the rest of the zombies to out-breed the locals by welcoming them into a bottomless pit of welfare.

      These idiots must be either colluding with the enemy or engaged in what zoologists call ‘displacement activity’ – when the threat is so frightening to face up to that an animal invents an easier one nearby and furiously pecks at that instead; its few brain cells convincing it that will solve the problem.

  • David Smith

    and a movie caused the benghazi fiasco.

  • pdxnag

    How much education does it take to turn the truth perfectly upside down?

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    ISIL is a US creation using Saudi money. ISIL is another in a long line of US war projects because war is very much a part of the US economy aka the war economy.

    I call it a make-work project much like the War on Terror.

    We are being duped on being scared by these issues so that we are ripe for the picking to hate all Muslims and this could lead to a clash of civilizations which the hardcore interventionists want. They want a war with Iran, Syria, Russia, China because that is what the agenda is all about.

    It is leading to the eventual conquering of nations not using the US dollar. This is the Bretton-Woods agreement in the modern era.

    It is backing the US by other nation’s resources.

    The US does not care one way or the other about Muslims; they only care about advancing imperialism and moving forward with US hegemony. Anything else is secondary.

    • Clink9

      So you agree Obamy is the worst president ever.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Both parties will continue to play their games and use their talking points.

        Obama is as bad as Bush was because he started the wars but Obama ended some but started others. You have to realize that
        parties go after different electoral segments to build their coalitions and that is why I support minority governments for Canada to infinity.

        You may not have heard of the Progressive Canadian party but having a centralist party or a party between the Liberals and Conservatives would chain down our politics and would cause real electoral change from the corrupt and overly politic system we have.

        To me, 24/7 politics and news coverage is making people over saturated with news so they cannot process all the information and an overly political system will limit choices and force people into camps.

        This Progressive Canadian party is a party of Blue Liberals/Red Tories and moderate conservatives and yes the Liberals and Conservatives should be reduced for better debate and better policies.

    • Minicapt

      Still striving to achieve basic stupidity. Have you been chatting with Naomi Klein recently?


      • Billy Bob Thornton

        No I believe the leadership of the US is following an agenda of conquest of nations in the Middle East that want to be independent.

        Libya was the richest nation in Africa until the NATO invasion.

        Too bad this does not fit in your agenda of hatred but yes capitalism in its current form needs war.

        Shall I post the articles about the Gold Dinar and the water supply launched by Gaddafi. Why do you choose to ignore that war is a racket and that anyone stupid enough to believe the anti-Islam agenda is believing in a clash of civilizations and a globalist agenda?

        Also, demonization will just lead to intra-national clashes which the elites want as well and caving into anti-nationalist policies because racism and going down that road is not a way to unify everyone. To me, it is just culture wars and that is why civic nationalism is the only way to fix Canada and unify the people.

        It will limit immigration, defend Canada and lead to real national unity and preferably anti-globalist economic policies and anti-global foreign policy with less war and closing the doors to Canada. It fits and yet you lack clear ability to do simple research on this.

        • Minicapt

          Blah, blah. Blah, blah … The problem with war is that persons such as you are seldom found in the front lines … too exciting, perhaps.


  • Ed

    Small head/massive ears syndrome

  • Canadian

    “We”, of course, being someone else.