Socialist student ‘triggered’ by Capitalism caught on tape


  • What a stupid girl.

    • She gives the word “stupid” a bad wrap.

      How far into debt did she have to go for this kind of “intellectual” garbage?

  • Ed

    Life will be her comeuppance

  • H

    My only question is, who in their right minds would want to be within 10 meters of her?

  • Kaye92

    Are there many more where she came from? That is to say are there many other young closed minds like hers, belonging to people who are irrational, spiteful (“look at your ugly face”) bigoted (racist toward white people, at least white males) and plain old fashioned hateful? I suspect that there probably are, unfortunately ….

  • Justin St.Denis

    This girl is suicidally stupid. Her smarm will earn her payback very soon. In an era when girls livestream the rapes of their own friends, you can imagine what a few insulted, pissed-off jocks might do to “teach her a lesson”. Personally, I would like to take an Xacto blade and surgically remove her lips for starters, but I wouldn’t. But some males would not think twice about “Cologne-izing” her, if you follow…..

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Back in the day we would not have been so polite as to listen to her crap.
      What has happened to conservatives that they are too cowed to tell fuckwits to bugger off before they get a beating?