Senior Tories on ISIS ‘kill list’: Minister among ‘crusaders’ targeted by Daesh


Business Secretary Sajid Javid and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a former minister and chairman of the Conservative Party, were singled out as moderate Muslims who were “enforcing laws of the kufr [disbelievers]”.

  • simus1

    There must be many similar but even more accomplished muslims and kufr on the isis “to do” list. Killing many of our worthless western politicians would be an “own goal” for isis.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sounds like something the Muslamiacs have to sort out on their own.

  • k1962

    Warsi isn’t even moderate.

  • Looks like they got their targets correctly this time. The “baroness” is an Islamist disgrace.

  • Seneca III

    Warsi and Javid? Perfect! Go for it ISIS, it will be the only useful thing you have ever done and if you do I promise never to throw bacon sandwiches upon whatever hole in the ground you are eventually planted in. Promise.
    P.S. And do give my love to the virgins :).