Muslim terror group Abu Sayyaf moves beheading deadline for Canadian hostages to April 25, in fresh video

Two Canadians, a Norwegian and a Filipina whom a small, but brutal, group of Islamist militants in the Philippines had threatened to execute on April 8 are still alive.

In a two-minute video posted on Friday (April 15) and seen by The Straits Times, the hostages could be seen asking their governments to pay 900 million pesos (S$26.5 million) by 3pm on April 25.

“We were told that this is the absolute, final warning… (This is) our final urgent appeal to the governments of the Philippines and to our Canadian families. If 300 million (pesos) is not paid for me, they will behead me,” Mr John Ridsdell, 68, said in the video, as a large knife was held across his neck.

His fellow Canadian, Mr Robert Hall, 50, also appealed to the Canadian and Philippine governments to pay 300 million pesos for his safe release.