Muslim man, 20, traumatized by mislabeled pork roll

muslim eats pork

Mr Razaq said: “For centuries my ancestors have not eaten pork. I can’t believe this has happened. I have never, never touched anything like that. It was a bad mistake of Morrisons’ especially to make in the Girlington area which has such a huge Muslim population. It’s unforgivable.

Muslim pajama boy.


  • Oh the horror!

    • I bet he’d like bacon. Alot!

      • Justin St.Denis

        I placed five pounds of bacon in the Halal meats section at NO FRILLS just yesterday.

        • Mr_bigstuff

          I always do that and yesterday at our No Frills there is no halal meat section – I think it worked!

      • ntt1

        he would, and he knows it.

  • Med1

    No doubt you are suffering terribly. So the only way for you and your peeps to ensure this NEVER happens again is to move back to the desert…PRONTO! Why risk it? Hee heee.

    • It’s the best possible solution.

      • Med1

        Lol, for everyone concerned!

  • Alain

    Perhaps being touched by a bloody Muslim is even more revolting. Screw off you POS.

  • Exile1981

    You know he’s going to sue for mega amounts.

    • Minicapt

      He needs to bring home the bacon …


  • Frances

    I get the same reaction when realize I am forced to eat “Halal”. Suck it up, sunshine.

  • Me Here

    poor little diddums <:o) have a pint of camel piss to wash it down.

  • Dana Garcia

    The sensitive fellow should retreat to an Islamo-Safe Space, like Crapistan, just to avoid a future occurrance.

  • Martin B

    “It didn’t seem to sink in with them the enormity of what their mistake meant to us”

    Imagine the hell of having this guy as a neighbour.

  • Gary

    And so the cancer spreads to kill the host body from within.

  • BillyHW

    Why do we hate them?

    • Justin St.Denis

      We could brainstorm the many reasons, but this isn’t a long weekend so we’d never get them all listed.

  • Rodney Rudeness

    He will be doomed to roast in an eternal fire which is being prepared for him.

    Oh wait….sorry, that eternal fire is for the non muslims…….Q2:24

  • Islam Is a Crock

    If he’d never touched or eaten pork, How did he know straight away it was pork??

    • Sleepyjohn

      Probably it tasted so much better than the sadistically butchered halal meat that he is normally allowed to eat. I believe foul-tasting toxins are released into the flesh of an animal if it dies in excruciating agony and terror.

      • Blacksmith

        And I don’t believe you are correct, I KNOW you are correct. I hate it when I make a bad shot and the animal runs and is scared. I end up making a lot more burger and sausage of it then.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Never EVER shoot an animal in flight (except birds, of course). Only pull the trigger when it has been placidly unaware and in the crosshairs for quite some time. This is especially important with moose.

          • Blacksmith

            That is always the plan, sometimes shit happens like unseen sticks and branches.

  • luna
  • ed

    mus-tards are allowed by the shairia to consume pork and alcohol during times of need .don`t be fooled again !

  • John

    Chinese buffets are just the best! Pork abounds on those steam tables! Yet I’ve often seen devout Muslims ( women in hijabs) at the chinese buffet I frequent. There’s pork in the egg rolls, garlic pork spare ribs, pork in the chow mein etc etc, with no signs indicating that that is the case, and yet these Muslims will belly up to those tables overflowing with such foods and…well…pig out.

    This POS is just looking for money. If you shoved shitloads of 50 quid notes up a pig’s arse, Mr Razaq would be there pulling them out with his bare hands

  • G

    Am I supposed to be concerned?

    • Justin St.Denis

      I’m not feeling even a slight twinge. You are not alone.