Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed at ‘Democracy Spring’ Rally

  • They really do live in another world.

    • Surele Surele

      Through the rabbit hole.

    • Alain

      I think it is a different galaxy.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    How is it crazy to want money out of politics? The same could be applied to the Koch brothers funding oil and gas projects? Billionaires on both sides are part of the problem. This is more to do about nothing because hypocrisy exists by supporting the Koch brothers all to advance conservatism. If you truly want to be independent BCF which you are not then why even mention this issue. I think protesting is also essential in a democracy to influence change. What the US needs is a third or fourth party to shake things up, but in the end the US is an oligarchy. Getting money out of politics could make the US a strong multi-party democracy. I am shocked that the right wing does not realize this. This interviewer simply does not care about what these protesters want, and is just there to advance mainstream causes aka conservatism. In the end, liberalism, conservatism and backing neoliberalism and free trade are just mainstream causes.

    • Clink9

      You’re a douchebag.

    • Communist dictatorship spring. What a bunch of ignorant pussies.

    • Gary

      Standard Oil wanted to kill the Model T flex-fuel where farmers could make their own fuel . So Rockerfeller funded a women’s groups where the head was Molly Brown with a husband Politician who agreed with the Temperance group to bring in Prohibition .
      This killed the means for people to make grain alcohol to sell to car owners while the Patent Office stopped selling the plans for a Still to make your own fuel for the Model T .
      Rudoph Diesel made his engine to run on farm bio fuels like peanut Oil or any low quality plant based fuel to run farm equipment as the Model T did to run a belt from the drive wheel to the machine that bailed hay and processed wheat, corn or cotton.

      Today the useful idiots are still abound but now the scam is Global Warming .

  • eMan14

    Sometimes I’m a bit hesitant to voice an opinion… mostly because I don’t have enough facts on some issues. Then I watch something like that… and feel not too bad. Not bad at all.

  • jack burns

    Room temperature IQs.

  • huron

    it really does boil down to the last one . everytime it is a reflex. tap on the knee.