Governor General calls niqab ban ‘small-minded’, and that’s not partisan?

Gov. Gen. David Johnston’s office doesn’t think statements he made about the niqab debate were partisan. It’s hard to agree.

On Wednesday evening CBC aired a Peter Mansbridge interview with Johnston. Their discussion touched upon a couple of issues that, in Mansbridge’s words, the GG previously “took a fairly activist role” in addressing.

“Look at the debate with respect to the niqab,” Johnston, appointed by Stephen Harper in 2010, went on to say. “I think Canada showed its strength that that should not sidetrack us from who we really are. I continue to worry about any initiatives that would cause us to be small-minded and to lose that sense of inclusiveness, fairness, equality of opportunity, being complacent in the situation we have.”

Just another asshole in Ottawa.

  • reidjr

    The sense going around the non official Ottawa is the feds/Ontario and city seems to be pushing or atleast open to the idea of some form of sharia law.

  • “Just another asshole in Ottawa.”

  • simus1

    Harper had the lefty Joe Cluck leaden touch when it came to many high government appointments, no argument there.

  • Niqab Ban ‘Small-Minded’?

    Accepting misogyny for the sake of “diversity”, is really “small-minded”.

    • John

      David Johnston thinks, thus, that the vast majority of Canadians are small-minded.

      Mr Johnston, otoh, is cosmopolitan and urbane. We should know how lucky we are to have such an august world traveled intellectual as our G.G. /sarc.

  • Allan

    Just another asshole. The problem with that is that there are so many of them in Ottawa. They will be the ruin of this country if they have their way, all in the name of “Canadian” values, whatever they are and “inclusiveness”. In reality is is just sucking up to Islamists and Sharia Law in Canada.

  • John

    David Johnston was the head of McGill U. back in the 80s and 90s. It was then that things began going downhill.