Facebook’s failing war against fake news

From Buzzfeed:

You might expect Allen Montgomery to be deferential toward Facebook, given that the $300 billion company is both his biggest nemesis and financial lifeline. Nope. If anything, the proprietor of the fake news site National Report is utterly defiant. “You will never stop misinformation or fake news,” he said. “Someone will always be telling lies out there.”

True enough. Fake news is a scourge, but so far it appears to be an unstoppable one, showing up everywhere from your gullible friend’s timeline to the pages of the New York Times. More.

Reality check: That’s a problem. A bigger problem is for people whose “fake” news is simply stuff that authorities don’t want us to hear.

That adds oppression to falsehoods, and reduces the capacity of people to sniff out falsehoods on their own.

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