Continental Breakfast

continental breakfast menu #2

[Clinton-Sanders administration era menu]

Trump Campaign Blasts Zuckerberg

The Pentagon and CIA Are Arming Opposing Sides in Syria

Switzerland Talking About Putting Tanks on Border to Keep Migrants out

The Louder Liberals Whine, The Higher Trump’s Numbers Go

Germany To Strip Job Protection From Citizens To Make Room For Refugees

Border Guides Are Literally Phoning In Their Services To Illegals

The War on the Little Sisters of the Poor

Mississippi students demand state flag be removed from campus

Religion of Peaceful Killing

Hillary’s Equal Pay Hypocrisy

Soros Plan To Flood America With Muslim Refugees

Saying ‘America is a melting pot’ is a microaggression

  • BillyHW
    • Exile1981

      a place in Brooks got shut down for health violations. Want to guess on the ethnic background of the staff?

      • BillyHW

        I’m guessing it isn’t Japanese.

        • Exile1981

          Well Brooks Alberta has the highest concentration of Somali Muslim’s in Alberta. Of the official population of 13,600, approximately 1500 are from Somalia.
          It has over 2000 people working at the XL meat plant and over 95% of them are TFW or recent immigrants from muslim nations; all the white staff were let go in the 90’s and replaced with somalis. The government even did a documentary on how wonderful the multicultural
          integration was going. Of course the documentary failed to mention Brooks is the stabbing capital of Alberta and is also the FGM and honor killing capital as well. Or that white people have been fleeing Brooks and those left can’t let their daughters out for fear of “incidents” happening.
          It also didn’t mention that a local bank had to replace most of the female tellers as the men from certain religion wouldn’t deal with them.

          So that particular eatery which is along the highway employs mostly the wives and children of the guys from the meat packers.

  • tom_billesley

    Germany To Strip Job Protection From Citizens …”
    Immigration is good for the economy, immigrants will do the jobs we won’t, and definitely won’t put locals out of work or lower wages. Yeah, right.

  • john700

    Or a Canadian menu from 2019.