Stop Asking ‘Why Do They Hate Us?’

Shortly after the latest ISIS suicide bombers struck in Brussels on March 22, German Green Party MPFranziska Brantner tweeted “Why do they hate us so much?” The intelligentsia’s ignorance perseveres in spite of the answer right in front of them: it’s not hatred but an ideology called Islamism that compels violence. We are now almost 15 years beyond 9/11, and it’s time to stop asking this question after every major jihadist attack.

  • Brett_McS

    The question they are really wanting to ask is “What did we do to make them hate us?” but to do so would make it perhaps a little bit obvious that they believe these people have no agency.

  • Shebel

    They Hate us because we are still Alive..
    That was easy…
    Next question….

  • mauser 98

    will Alice Lauridsen stop asking?

    “The mattresses have been jumped on and urinated on. Bonfires have been
    made on my carpets, so there are large burn marks and there’s pee in the
    corners. My big dining table is broken into pieces as firewood.
    Everything is torn completely apart, and only the lamps have survived,”
    she says to the Danish newspaper BT.”