Davis Lewin: Europe’s experience shows importance of Pompeo’s stand against radicalism

The controversy surrounding the Islamic Society of Wichita’s invitation of Sheikh Monzer Taleb and the event’s cancellation after Rep. Mike Pompeo intervened has alarmed those of us fighting Islamist extremism in the United Kingdom. The accusations of anti-Muslim prejudice that are overshadowing serious concerns about Sheikh Taleb’s past and his affiliations are nothing new to the UK.

Taleb’s links to groups convicted of funding Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, and his involvement in a band which glorified violence against Jews justifiably alarmed Rep. Pompeo, whose prompt intervention is laudable and important.

This incident highlights the serious need for American leaders to challenge extremist speakers like Sheikh Taleb. The result of failing to do so is plain for all to see in Europe.

  • Shebel

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  • Norman_In_New_York

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