**LiveWire**​ Assorted Activists Gather at Dawn in Manhattan for Day of Protests

trump protester

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  • Martin B

    A Commie parasite calling someone a Nazi isn’t very persuasive.

  • It’s a sickness — mass hysteria, of the sort that the Nazis in fact produced through their propaganda machine. These people don’t seem to realize that their behaviour is in fact analogous to the sort of mob intimidation incited by the Nazis. Nothing Trump has done is analogous to that. I’m startting to believe that the Left are in fact Nazis — neo-Nazis who have infiltrated the Left and find it useful as a Front for their activities. Working hand in hand with anti-Semitic Islamists.

    • John

      Far Left and Far Right differ little from each other. Both are totalitarian and utopian and both believe the ends justify the means, no matter how violent and murderous the latter.

      • Although they’re both Socialist — one is of the International brand, the other of the National brand. “NAZI” is actually an acronym for the German word “Nationalsozialist”, which literally means “National Socialist”. That’s why the Soviets and the German Nazis were allies at first — they were both Socialist.

        Hard to determine what that means in terms of “far left” or “far right” when Socialism in general is exclusive to the Left. Same goes for “Fascism” — which is likewise a Socialist ideology. But for some reason the latter has been misnomered “right-wing”.

  • Timmae

    It is Oprah emotional responses. They feel the emotion of anxiety which comes from change. The love the enemy they know and hate anyone who will change that.

  • mauser 98

    beats working

    • If only! Orange suits her so well, as do chains.

  • Leftists are evil. They have no respect for truth and democracy. They will invent insults and accusations to demonize anyone they dislike, and they have no respect for the ballot preferring violent intimidation of the populace in the streets.

  • canminuteman

    They will eventually break out the guns. When they do they will be socked to discover that we are way better armed and better trained than they are.