Kuwait academic charged with blasphemy over TV interview

A prominent female academic and human rights activist in Kuwait has been charged with blasphemy.

Sheikha al-Jassem was summoned to the public prosecutor’s office after legal complaints were filed against her over a recent interview she gave on TV.

She asserted that the constitution of Kuwait should be above the Quran and Islamic law in governing the country.

The public prosecutor still has the discretion to decide whether or not Ms Jassem will be put on trial.

Kuwaiti Professor of Philosophy Sheikha Al-Jassem: People Who Believe that the Quran Is Above the Constitution Are Betraying Kuwait

  • Kaye92

    She said publicly that the constitution of the land should be above koranic law? Wow …. I admire such people, personally: she must have known what would happen to her for saying this. But I guess she’s trying to push the envelope, and slowly force a wedge of freedom (and common sense) into their society. Commendable (if probably useless).